• Desert Tortoise Council Training Programs

Introductory Training

The Council intends to offer both a Lecture Course and a Field Workshop in 2022. Details will be announced by late Spring. For now, hold the dates of October 28-29 and November 4-5. The lectures will probably be on Zoom. Registration will likely open in early July after we work out the details for 2022.

Advanced Biologist Training

The Desert Tortoise Council is developing specialized criteria for advanced training courses for desert tortoise biologists. These trainings may include: tortoise handling techniques, basic health assessments, telemetry, construction monitoring, and other trainings in association with agency permitting. Details will appear here when they become available.

Health Assessment Training

Health Assessment Procedures for Translocations of the Mojave Desert Tortoise is a four-day advanced course only open to those with extensive tortoise handling experience.