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Member Benefits, Public Benefits, and Organization Member Benefits

Your membership helps support the mission of the Desert Tortoise Council (DTC) – to assure the perpetual survival of viable populations of species of desert tortoises represented throughout their historical ranges in the southwestern United States and Mexico. The DTC accomplishes this primarily through science and education.

Exclusive Member Benefits

  • Discounted and advanced registrations – annual symposium and select training courses with limited space
  • Email notifications – annual symposium, workshops and training courses, newsletter availability, membership renewals, and recent publications
  • Voting privileges
  • Tax deductible membership fee and donations

Public Benefits

  • Awards program
    Recognition for individuals/organizations with outstanding contributions to desert tortoise conservation
    Student papers/posters at the annual symposium
  • Grants program – funds research on desert tortoises and management needs
  • Access to career opportunities – job postings, internships, and volunteer positions
  • Information resource
  • Current information on the desert tortoises in the United States and Mexico
  • Abstracts/papers from past symposia
  • Access to other DTC publications

Organization Membership Benefits

  • Name/Logo/Business card-sized ad in DTC newsletters
  • Discounted organization member rate for two staff members for the annual symposium, and discounted standard member rate for additional staff members
  • Discounted rate for two staff members for the Introductory Course
  • Four job postings per year on the DTC Job Board
  • Special rate for booth rental at the DTC symposium
  • Automatic renewal of organization membership
  • Acknowledgements in the annual symposium report and on the DTC website

If you have any questions, please email email hidden; JavaScript is required.

What You Can Do

The Council encourages you to help in protecting desert tortoises and conserving their habitats.

  • Learn about the three species of desert tortoises, their habitats, and related conservation issues.

  • Get involved in desert conservation issues.  Make your voice heard … the tortoise can’t speak for itself.

  • Join a local conservation group or adopt an area.

  • Join the Desert Tortoise Council!  Visit our Wild Apricot Membership portal to complete the Online Membership Application.  Or, if you’re unable to complete the online application, download a printable application (see buttons below).