Desert tortoise

The Desert Tortoise Council was established in 1975 to promote conservation of the desert tortoise in the deserts of the southwestern United States and Mexico. The Council is a non-profit organization comprised of hundreds of professionals and laypersons who share a common concern for desert tortoises in the wild and a commitment to advancing the public’s understanding of the species. For the purposes of the Council, the term "desert tortoise" includes the species complex in the southwestern United States and in Mexico, currently referred to as Gopherus agassizii and Gopherus morafkai.


Registration for the 2016 DTC Symposium is open! Click Symposium Index for event details and a link to our Wild Apricot registration web site.

2016 Rob Gilman Memorial Research Award: Garcia and Associates, in honor and memory of field biologist Rob Gilman, will present a one-time monetary award to the student or professional presenting the best paper on an applied topic at the 2016 DTC Symposium. The award recipient will be chosen by the DTC Awards Committee. For more information, please click Rob Gilman Memorial Research Award.

Conserving America's National Parks is a newly-published book by Dr. Scott Abella, member of the DTC's Board of Directors. Conserving America's National Parks shares the status of conservation challenges and successes in America's 408 national parks. The book includes discussions of interactions of the desert tortoise with non-native plants and fire, plus renewable energy, in addition to the overall focus of the book on conserving key habitats. For more details and ordering information, visit the book website by clicking:

2016 Morafka Award Announcement and Application: The 2016 Morafka Award information is now posted. Click 2016 David J. Morafka Memorial Award to view the updated information.

2016 Call for Papers and Posters: The Call for Papers for the 2016 Symposium has been issued. Click 2016 Call for Papers and Posters to view the interactive document.

Last updated  19 November, 2015