2018 Announcement

Grant Details

A recent gift from Lockheed Martin has allowed the Desert Tortoise Council to establish a grant to fund research by minority and international students. While the Council favors grant applications for research that contributes to the understanding, management and conservation of tortoises of the genus Gopherus in the southwestern United States and Mexico (G. agassizii, G. morafkai, G. evgoodei, G. berlandieri, and G. flavomarginatus), the Council will consider proposals for similar research on other imperiled chelonian species across the globe.

Grant Amount

$1,000 to be awarded at the Desert Tortoise Council’s Annual Symposium, depending on the availability of funding and an appropriate recipient.


Applicants must be associated with a recognized institution (e.g., university, museum, government agency, non-governmental organization) and may be high school, college, graduate, or post-doctoral students, or other researchers. They must be either a minority (non-Caucasian) student working in the United States, or a non-Caucasian student living and working internationally. They must agree to present a report on the results of the research in which the funds were used at a future symposium of the Desert Tortoise Council.

Evaluation Criteria

Applications will be evaluated on the basis of the potential of the research to contribute to the biological knowledge of an imperiled turtle or tortoise species, and to their management and conservation. Important considerations are the significance and originality of the research problem, design of sampling and analysis, preliminary data supporting the feasibility of the research, and the likelihood of successful completion and publication.