Each year at the Annual Symposium, the Desert Tortoise Council presents awards to persons or organizations having made a significant contribution to the preservation or knowledge of desert tortoises. Selection of recipients for these awards is made by the Awards Committee, composed of three members of the Council. (Bylaws Section 12).


2018 Kristin H. Berry Annual Award Jun Y. lee
2018 James A. St. Amant Special AwardCoalition for a Balanced Environment and Ron Berger
Chris Noddings
2018 Glenn R. Stewart Service AwardMaggie Fusari
Michael Burroughs
Terry Christopher
2018 Robert C. Stebbins Research AwardKevin P. Mulder
Andrew Walde
William I. Boarman
A. Peter Woodman
Emily K. Latch
Robert C. Fleischer
2018 Pat Von Helf Recognition AwardPaul Delaney


2017 Kristin H. Berry Annual Award Ann M. McLuckie
2017 James A. St. Amant Special AwardEric Goode
Judy Hohman
Mari Quillman
2017 Glenn R. Stewart Service AwardBob Parker
2017 Robert C. Stebbins Research AwardScott Abella
2017 Pat Von Helf Recognition AwardTim Shields


2016 Kristin H. Berry Annual Award Jeff Aardahl
2016 James A. St. Amant Special AwardEric V. Goode
2016 Glenn R. Stewart Service AwardBianca Cirimele
2016 Robert C. Stebbins Research AwardTaylor Edwards
Alice E. Karl
Mercy Vaughn
Philip C. Rosen
Cristina Melendez Torres
Robert W. Murphy
2016 Pat Von Helf Recognition AwardJoe Probst
2016 Gilman Special AwardDr. Taylor Edwards


2015 Kristin H. Berry Annual AwardEd LaRue
2015 James A. St. Amant Special AwardAllan Muth
2015 Glenn R. Stewart Service AwardDavid Carr
Molly Peters
Par Singhaseni
Bruce Garlinger
Denise LaBerteaux
Judy Hohman
Ray Bransfield
Larry LaPré
2015 Robert C. Stebbins Research AwardKen Nagy
Lisa Hazard
Christian Meienberger
Devesh Vyas
Danielle Shemanski
Ian Wallis
Brian Henen
Phil Medica
2015 Pat Von Helf Recognition AwardMary Cohen


2014 Kristin H. Berry Annual AwardMike Bailey
2014 James A. St. Amant Special AwardDesert Tortoise Preserve Committee
2014 Glenn R. Stewart Service AwardDan Pearson
Mojave Desert Land Trust
Shelton Douthit
Sean Daly
Nancy Karl
2014 Robert C. Stebbins Research AwardPhillip A. Medica
2014 Pat Von Helf Recognition AwardDavid Lamfrom


2013 Kristin H. Berry Annual AwardBruce Palmer
2013 James A. St. Amant Special AwardEric Goode
Steven Schwarzbach
2013 Glenn R. Stewart Service Award

California Turtle &Tortoise Club
William Donnan
Paul Frank
Ed LaRue
Alice Karl
Jacquelyn Smith
Rachel Woodard

2013 Robert C. Stebbins Research AwardTaylor Edwards
2013 Pat Von Helf Recognition AwardRay Butler


2012 Kristin H. Berry Annual AwardElliot R. Jacobsen
2012 James A. St. Amant Special AwardWestern Watersheds Project
2012 Glenn R. Stewart Service AwardG. Sidney Silliman
2012 Pat Von Helf Recognition AwardCheryl Pearson


2011 Kristin H. Berry Annual AwardBecky Jones
2011 Robert C. Stebbins Research AwardScott R. Abella
2011 Special AwardWayne D. Spencer
2011 Glenn R. Stewart Service AwardMike Bailey
Sean Daly
Peter Woodman
Bruce Palmer


2010 Kristin H. Berry Annual AwardTracy Bailey
2010 Robert C. Stebbins Research AwardHoward G. Wilshire
Richard A. Minnich
2010 Special AwardRichard Spotts
BLM, Southern Nevada District
Cristina Melendez Torres
Comision De Ecologia Y Desarrollo Sustenable
Del Estado De Sonora
Volunteers of the NW Mexico Tortoise Project
2010 Glenn R. Stewart Service AwardDouglas Duncan


2009 Annual AwardC. Kenneth Dodd, Jr.
2009 Special AwardZion National Park
Town of Springdale, Utah
2009 Service AwardLori Rose


2008 Annual AwardJoe C. Truett
2008 Research AwardRobert W. Murphy
Kristin H. Berry
Taylor Edwards
Ann M. McLuckie
2008 Special AwardCalifornia Desert Managers Group
2008 Service AwardEdward L. LaRue
Alice E. Karl
Gilbert Goodlett
Indian Wells Valley Water District
Daniel C. Pearson
Ray Butler


2007 Annual AwardDaniel Pearson
2007 Research AwardKen Nagy

2007 Special Award

Brian Henen
Scott Hillard
Rhys Evans
William Quillman
Mark Hagen
2007 Service AwardMichael P. Coffeen


2006 Annual AwardDouglas Duncan
2006 Research AwardValentine Lance
2006 Special AwardJeffrey Aardahl
Mercy Vaughn
2006 Service AwardMaggie Fusari
Tom Egan


2005 Annual AwardKristin H. Berry
Glenn R. Stewart
2005 Research AwardOlaf T. Oftedal
2005 Special AwardBetty L. Burge
Jun Y. Lee
2005 Service AwardDoug Duncan
Tracy Bailey
Allan Muth


2004 Annual AwardMatthew Brooks
2004 Special AwardRhys Evans
William Quillman
Peter Woodman
2004 Service AwardCheryl Darnell
Ed LaRue
Justin Neighbor
Pat von Helf
Marc D. Graff


2003 Annual AwardMichael P. Coffeen
2003 Research AwardCecil R. Schwalbe
2003 Special AwardRebecca Jones
Anders G. J. Rhodin
Robert J. Turner
2003 Service AwardTim Duck
Darlene Pond
Ann McLuckie


2002 Annual Award David J. Morafka
2002 Research Award Bruce L. Homer
2002 Special Award Tracy Y. Okamoto
Jun Y. Lee


2001 Annual Award Marc D. Graff
2001Research Award Mary M. Christopher
2001 Special AwardRoy C. Averill-Murray
Michael J. Connor
Center for Biological Diversity


2000 Annual AwardTed Cordery
2000 Special AwardTim Duck
2000 Research AwardHal Avery, Kristin Berry, Bill Boarman, Leslie Defalco, Todd Esque, Jeff Lovich, Phil Medica
Mary Brown, Elliott Jacobson, Bruce Homer, Dan Brown, Isabella Schumacher
Olaf Oftedal, Terry Christopher
Kurt Rautenstrauch, Danny Rakestraw, Pat Lederle
Ken Nagy, Brian Henen
2000 Conservation AwardRay Bransfield
Rick Fridell, Ann Mcluckie
Mark Hagen, Wanda Deal
Reed Harris, Bob Williams, Marilet Zablan, Ted Owens
Bob Parker


1999 Annual Award Frank Hoover
1999 Special Award Larry Foreman


1998 Annual Award Ken Nagy
1998 Special Award Ed LaRue
Marc Sazaki


1997 Annual Award Allan Muth
1997 Special Award Ed Lorentzen (BLM)
1997 Certificate of Achievement Vanessa Dickenson


1996 Annual Award Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee
1996 Special Award for URDS ResearchElliott R. Jacobson
Paul Klein
Isabella Schumacher
Jack Gaskin
Mary B. Brown
Daniel R. Brown
Hank Adams
1996 Certificate of Accomplishment for Land AcquisitionTom Egan
Janet Eubanks
Scott Eubanks
Tom Gey
1996 Certificate of Accomplishment for SymposiumSupportCarolyn Kameen


1995 Annual AwardMike Giusti
1995 Service AwardDan Pearson
Mike Coffeen
1995 Conservation AwardDesert Tortoise Recovery Team


1994 Annual AwardMatt Geyer
Johanna Wald
1994 Special AwardTom Olson
Terrie Correll
Ed LaRue
Dames And Moore
1994 Certificate of MeritJudy Hohman


1993 Annual AwardTom Dodson


1992 Annual Award
Special Achievement
Richard Spotts
California Energy Commission


1991 Annual AwardSouthern California


1990 Annual AwardA. Stephen Johnson


1989 Annual AwardBureau of Land Management
California Desert District


1988 Annual AwardEvelyn L. St. Amant


1987 Annual AwardGlenn Stewart


1986 Annual AwardC. Kenneth Dodd


1985 Annual AwardMartha Stout (Defenders of Wildlife)


1984 Annual AwardBetty L. Burge


1983 Annual AwardCalifornia Turtle and Tortoise Club


1982 Annual AwardJames A. St. Amant


1981 Annual AwardRoss Hardy


1980 Annual AwardMary Trotter


1979 Annual AwardThe Nature Conservancy


1978 Annual AwardRobert C. Stebbins


1977 Annual AwardKristin H. Berry


Annual AwardDesert Tortoise Preserve Committee

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